America’s Businesses Get It: Immigration Is Good

by David Bier on December 28, 2011 · 7 comments

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Anti-immigration advocates believe that harsh new laws will drive illegal immigrants out of the United States. They ignore the fact that the primary victim of these laws aren’t undocumented foreign workers, but business owners who are expected to verify the immigration status of each new employee. This informal deputizing of businessmen is exactly the sort of burdensome regulation and heavy–handed government intervention that conservatives rail against in every other area.

Last Thursday, a popular San Diego restaurant owner—Michel Malecot—was fined $396,575 and given five years probation by the federal government for hiring undocumented workers. These penalties are actually lower than the $650,000 and prison time that President Obama’s Justice Department sought. U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California Laura Duffy said, “When employers do not comply, we will take vigorous enforcement action to ensure they do not profit from this illegal tactic.”

Malecot’s case is already typical of the Obama administration’s treatment of  illegal immigration: Go after employers because they are easier, more politically-palatable targets. The number of employer immigration audits has quadrupled since 2009, and companies have been fined $6.9 million last year, nearly ten times as much as the Bush administration’s $675,000 in 2008.

States have followed the federal government’s lead with new laws that place draconian penalties on businesses for noncompliance. As CEI’s Alex Nowrasteh has written, “Alabama’s new immigration law HB 56 clearly hurts employers…. A first offense results in the firing of all undocumented workers, business licenses suspension for 10 working days, and administrative penalties. For a second offense, the Alabama state government will revoke all of the business’ licenses and permits for the location where the offense took place. For a third offense, the government permanently revokes all of the business’ licenses from all of its locations in the entire state—destroying the business. This ‘business death penalty’ is based on a similar section of Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB 1070 and Legal Arizona Workers Act.”

As I wrote earlier this month,

“Anti-immigration laws in Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama are wreaking havoc on those states’ economies. All three of those states have seen crops rot as labor shortages created by the new laws have taken effect. The Guardian reports the case of one Alabama farmer who has lost $100,000 worth of tomatoes after the new law passed. As workers fled Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal turned to using ex-convicts on probation to pick crops. But slave labor won’t cut it. The AP found that the Latino workers were nearly six times as productive as the probationers.”

Free movement of people helps businesses hire the workers they need, avoid more bureaucratic regulations, and also provides new customers. A recent Associated Press report detailed how the tourism industry—U.S. Travel Association, Four Seasons Hotels, Walt Disney Parks, and others—is now one of the strongest lobbies in favor of increasing nonimmigrant visas. The report has shown that since 2001, the number of nonimmigrant visas dropped by 1.1 million from 7.6 million to 6.5 million in 2010 under Obama.

Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobby in the United States has released a report that debunks myths about immigration. Their report shows that worries like immigrants don’t pay taxes, will overpopulate America, drive down worker wages, and take jobs from Americans are false. America’s businesses understand that freedom of movement is good for the economy. When will America’s politicians learn?

Dave Francis December 28, 2011 at 6:19 pm

Surprisingly in 2012 Kansas State Democratic Leaders will mark the second year in a row that will introduce jobs legislation with an explicit immigration-enforcement component. The ‘Kansas Job First’ plan would require state and local governments, and their contractors, to use E-Verify for vetting new hires.

“With Families are still struggling to keep a roof over their head, to pay for their child’s doctor bills, to keep their gas tank full,” Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley said at a Dec. 21 new conference announcing the plan. The E-Verify component is expected to be similar to that contained in Bill H.B.2026 which was introduced in Jan. 2011. The odd thing about another state immigration law is they could sponsor Lamar Smith’s Law (R-TX) and start to eliminate illegal aliens from the workplace. Doesn’t Sen. Hensley know that three Democrats, have gone against their own party and signed onto the nationwide H.R. 2885–E-Verify, ‘The Legal Workforce Act?

Related legislation announced would crack down on businesses that misclassified their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying payroll taxes or minimum wages. Or most recently in California in not applying federal immigration laws the state is weighed down with illegal aliens as is Nevada. They even now condoning that foreign nationals who are driving without a driver’s license not have their car impounded. As a legal resident see how far you get without a driver’s license or insurance. Does the Sanctuary State—the haven for criminal illegal aliens, ID thieves and a rising crime rate, think they are immune from federal intervention? But I guess they are under the Liberal Obama administration and the political pirates in Sacramento stealing taxpayer’s money to support illegal aliens and their instant citizen babies, that the payee is the residents. Even before they arrive in sunny California illegal parents have a ‘Bill of Fare’ to all the free entitlement programs they can access. There is massive welfare fraud in the ‘Once Golden State’ that has compromised low income Americans by illegal aliens.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to co-sponsor the Mandatory ‘Legal Workforce bill’ or the federal E-Verify for all 50 states? The so-called unbiased Department of Justice headed by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will likely sue Kansas, as they have against Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Admittedly, they haven’t judiciously assaulted South Carolina and North Carolina, but the threat is lingering there? But what is a state to do when hundreds of thousands or even millions have crossed state borders and raiding the welfare system. Arizona was the first state to cry out in financial pain, under the impact of unfunded mandates of health care and education for the offspring of the children of illegal aliens; expecting resident taxpayers to foot the fiscal burden. Yet the US government has sat on its rear for decades, until the numbers of illegal aliens that have entered this country by overstaying visas, or slipping past the Border Patrol has duplicated in number and in triplicates. The cost for all citizens and legal residents is unbearable and lawmaker like former Speaker Newt Gingrich wants to be generous and give them a free pass.

No Way says the Chairman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) head of the growing numbers of Tea Party members in thousands of small chapters. No amnesty of any form, No Dream Act and No Sanctuary Cities, where officials will be prosecuted for disobeying federal law. Years of unconcerned administrations has brought this abomination on themselves and its people, which they supposedly elected to protect. The Obama household of Liberal Socialists has failed to secure the border on their watch, although for a time the president has set a standard of ridding this country of criminal aliens; that however has slowed, owing to the open border critics screaming their spittle of lies. America is forging its own destruction unless we stop this insanity now, as our own student schools are clogged with the offspring of illegal parents, hospitals forced by law to treat illegal families going bankrupt and a overloaded prison system filled with thousands of murderous drunken drivers, drug dealers, pedophiles and other heinous assortments. Is this Americas future of having to carry the enormous yoke of illegal aliens, which is stealing average peoples, young children’s, the dead and even troop’s overseas Social Security numbers; nothing is sacred anymore, including that only citizens vote?

My story about ID theft is similar to most of the hundreds of thousands of other people. I’m a retiree now, but it wasn’t so long ago that I was a partner in a small business. The company based in Indianapolis was succeeding quite well. I was suddenly taken ill and whisked off to hospital. During the time in hospital one of the 4 graphic artists the company had hired, found my Social Security number, Drivers license and other pertinent ID in my desk. It wasn’t until I returned to the office in the large house we owned, when the mail man gave me registered letters from large stores and when the phones began ringing from aggressive debt collectors that I was made aware of the credit theft that confronted me? I was enlightened when I applied to the three main credit bureaus; somebody had taken advantage of my illness and stole my personal information.

The graphic artists we had hired temporarily had already completed the work and had since vanished. After realizing the seriousness of my situation I hired a attorney office to try and resolve my problem. So far, many of the accounts have been repaired. However, I refused to pay for something that was not mine, so I’m still haunted by debt collectors. As yet my credit report is still in the red, but I have upgraded credit score. However there are still four accounts that remain my responsibility, even though the amount owed is just $3,600 dollars. Prior to this predicament, by chance I found that three persons were using my SS number to get employment. I informed the Social Security Administration and they had located one of the criminals, working as a Security guard in a Security business in Houston, TX. The SSA told me not to worry and so far, the problem has not been cured to my satisfaction?

People are complaining to the Social Security Administration, the police and other agencies, but little or nothing has been done to halt this very lucrative enterprise? Millions of innocent victims are having their personal ID stolen and even being accused of running up revolving accounts and other credit. Billions of dollars are being stolen and the—DO NOTHINGS—In Congress have not even recognized it as a damaging issue, that must be stopped.



Save our nation from economic illegal aliens, bleeding our health care, education, public assistance and crowded prison system. We need to secure our borders and check all airline passengers who over-stay their visas–permanently. Our taxes are being extorted by the IRS for instant citizenship for babies, with a rising cost of $113 billion dollars a year as specified by a survey from the Heritage Foundation. Contractors are some of the worst offenders, stealing jobs from reputable honest companies; large and small.

Your state is represented on the Judiciary Committee and can be reached through the Washington Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to make E-Verify a mandatory law. You will only get the facts from NumbersUSA, American Patrol, Judicial Watch, so you can read about the corruption we have inherited in Congress and individual state Capitols. Of course there is growing opposition from mainly the Leftist Progressives, Democrats and even certain Republicans? The Liberal wants the future voting blocs and GOP establishment insists cheap labor for their campaign contributors. Join the Tea Party as they will work to free America from Congressional oppression and the corruption that’s matured in Congress and state legislators. Join the Tea Party; merge and reduce government; return agencies such as Department of Education back to states; Dispatch the unfair tax code and draft a new flat tax, with no special privileges for mega farms, the food industry, international corporations or any financial donor to the politicians. Obama wants to borrow another 1.3 Trillion dollars from foreign countries, so the TEA PARTY says No! Appose other elevated financial costs to taxpayers and our grandchildren. Demand Washington and our bloated government borrow no more money and liver with what is taken in by the IRS.

Illegals Suck December 28, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Boo Hoo to the greedy businesses who refuse to obey the law and hire legal citizens. They are getting what they deserve. They should even serve jail time.

Legal immigrants – good.
Illegal immigrants – No Good! Simple!

Annie Jo December 28, 2011 at 10:59 pm

Amen. Americans have to stick, together. We have the rich corporate elite, bent on destroying us and our corrupt government, helping them do it.

janzz December 29, 2011 at 12:24 am

The law makes people legal or illegal. The law is No Good. Simple!

Bugler December 31, 2011 at 12:35 am

I agree with Milton Friedman: We can have a welfare state OR open borders, but we can’t have a welfare state AND open borders.

Marc Scribner December 31, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Curious: Do you agree with what Milton Friedman said right *after* he said the welfare state and unrestricted legal immigration are incompatible? That because of the welfare state, *illegal* immigration is the best form of immigration. Few immigration restrictionists, who tend to be obsessed with undocumented immigrants, mention or know about Friedman’s full position on immigration and the welfare state whenever they cite him as evidence that free marketeers can oppose immigration. If you’re truly a Friedmanite on immigration, you should be praising and encouraging more illegal immigration, specifically from Mexico, to the United States.

StanC January 1, 2012 at 1:34 am

Of course business likes illegal immigration. They are getting welfare from the taxpayers as cheap labor. They have become the new welfare mom.

The farmers have unlimited agriculture visas available to them. If they lost money, it’s their own fault.

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